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Barry Greenberg wins $8 million settlement for paralyzed high school football player. READ STORY



     Barry Greenberg has been admitted to practice law in the State of New York since 1981. For over 34 years he has been a trial attorney specializing in all types of accident cases and medical malpractice cases. He and his office have handled thousands and thousands of cases over the last 34 years, with Mr. Greenberg still personally in contact with each of his clients, and still conducting hearings and trials.

     Mr. Greenberg realized very early in his practice, that victims of serious accidents needed to have the ability to immediately speak directly with an experienced personal injury attorney (and not a receptionist or secretary) in order to understand and protect their legal rights (before they could be taken advantage of by insurance companies, defendants or their representatives).

     Mr. Greenberg also realized that these very same victims of accidents would need services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. These very same victims of serious accidents would not have the ability to travel to the lawyer's office to meet with their attorney. Mr. Greenberg came up with the idea of VISITING LAWYERS (1 800-MY VISIT - 1-800-698-4748), as a service to victims of serious accidents and medical malpractice).

     Mr. Greenberg, or representatives of his office including investigators), would very soon after the accident or medical malpractice, visit the client at his or her home, hospital room, or wherever they were in the Greater New York area.

     At our first visit we will obtain all the necessary information, documentation, evidence, witness information and photographs. Following our visit, a thorough investigation is conducted. Mr. Greenberg knows that “the time to prepare to win your case is at the very beginning, when a complete and thorough investigation is possible, not at the time of trial.”

     Further, all the costs and disbursements of conducting an early and thorough investigation are advanced by Mr. Greenberg, and only payable at the conclusion of the case from a settlement or jury award.

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